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Letterpress printing is a process invented in Europe in the 15th century but largely inspired by techniques developed in Asia centuries earlier.

By arranging movable characters together (composition), we create the form of a text that can be printed on paper. Images can be added using wooden or metal cuts.

Letterpress printing is carried out on a flatbed press using second-hand typefaces and letterpress stamps.

While the use of a printing press ensures a certain regularity between print runs, the artisanal aspect (hand inking, adjustment, etc.) and the use of second-hand printing materials can bring slight variations to the finished products.


Letterpress prints are printed on white (220g/m²) or black (185g/m²) art paper.


The letterpress prints are printed with black, vermilion red and white oil-based inks.

Loki Gwynbleidd has always refused to make limited editions of its creations.

Typography that requires the use of the same movable typeface for several productions is a special case, and certain models therefore have limited stock. If reprints are possible, they may vary slightly from the first versions.

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